A Prophetic word to President Cyril Ramaphosa in April 2021

Mister President,

The way the God of the Bible uses prophecy according to the Bible (in 1 Cor. 14:3) is “so that they can grow and be strong and experience His presence with you.” (The MESSAGE)

In that sense, this a prophetic word to you, Sir, to encourage you that what you are doing and the choices you are making are very important to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Because of the importance of the time and season we are in at the moment here in Southern Africa, we are experiencing that the King of all kings, Jesus Christ, wants to encourage and strenghten you for the very important role you are to play in a season like this.

He is saying to you: I am the God, your God, who have appointed you for a time like this in South Africa.

How many times in the past, through many spiritual leaders around you, but especially through your wife, I have confirmed this to you!

Therefore, this is not a time to shy down! This is a time you need to stand up and say clearly what need to be said. This is a time where you need to say: Enough is enough! All the stealing and corruption need to stop! And everyone involved, need to brought to trail.

Sir, maybe you don’t know, but the Lord God also spoke in this regard to your predecessor, the former President Zuma. (See in the attached document, the prophetic word spoke to him in November 2015.)

So many hundreds of thousands of God’s people have prayed for you, Mister President.

See one of those calls for prayer for you down below:

“Pray for Our President Cyril Ramaphosa. The Lord showed me that He is about to visit him and we are going to see a change of heart from him and see him act against even those within the ANC who are corrupt. I saw that Father changing his heart, because the Lord Jesus wants to move South Africa in a different direction from the rest of the world.

There is a huge plan in the heart of the Lord Jesus for South Africa. (See also the prophetic word to the former President, that the Lord wants to bless His people in South Africa). So, join me as we continue to Pray and Intercede for our Nation, especially for the President.

What I saw was a divine visitation.

Let us also cut him from every wrong influence around him and pray that the Lord Jesus will open his eyes to see who is who around him, and ask that the Lord will raise the right people around him and disconnect him from people who are connected to demonic and ancestral altars.

I heard the Lord Jesus saying, tell My people not to stop praying for him, because it is urgent and if you don’t, you will expose him to wrong spiritual forces that are waging war in and among your nation.

Pray for My will for South Africa.

Pray for unity, for I will cause a mighty coming together of all the different races in this nation, even in business, to work together.

You will see South Africa rise like never before, by My Spirit, says the Lord.

Stand against the spirit that wants to cause chaos. Pray also against the plots of the enemy, and even against those plots against the President, for I see the plot of those who are not happy with him.

Pray! Pray! Pray and I will expose them and those who are behind all of this, says the Lord Jesus.

Come against the sorcery in this land which has caused such a lot of blood shed.

For My time to judge has come, says the Lord.

The Spirit of Prayer will be poured upon My people like never before, to accelerate My plan and purpose for your nation.”

Thus far, the prophetic prayer.

Mister President, in the light of the birth and history of the ANC, God showed us a picture of how, you, Sir, and the ANC, again return to the King of kings and establish clearly again the God of the Bible as South Africa’s Sovereign Leader, and choose again to Rebuild, Restore and Establish SA after the mind of Christ.

God showed us how He wants to use you, Mister President, to remove those leaders from authority who don’t have God’s heart and vision for South Africa, and how you will take South Africa in another direction than so many other countries are going.

For this reason, we want to encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing at the moment.

Yes, let Ace Magashule and the other leaders in the ANC, who are involved in corruption and crimes, be brought to trail.

Sir, remember the warning to the former President that he will eat grass like King Nebuchadnezzar if he don’t confess of his and his party’s crimes!

Mister President, we also need to tell you about a vision a prophetess, called Sarah Jubilee, had of the former President Mandela on 29 July 2013, four months before he died on 5 Dec 2013, which is very important for this season.

She saw the following:

“First she saw this really big eagle (made up out of many eagles) flying from South Africa over Africa almost as if on the way to Israel.

The eagle was holding the massive scroll that had a blueprint on it and as it flew the blueprint is laid over Africa. On the massive scroll was the blueprint and detail about God’s plan for “Revival and the restoration of the nation’s identity.” Yes, it really was the blueprint for the coming of God’s Kingdom here in South Africa, but also for the rest of Africa.

The fear of YHVH came upon me and then I saw Him walking in the field. He had a white robe on and a crown on His head.

Then I see Mandela sitting on the ground in the field. He was vomiting for a reason I do not know… there was a golden crown on his head with precious stones in it. The Lord took off the crown and Mandela laid down. (= meaning, he died.)

Then in the field I saw a black horse and a person standing by the horse. It is difficult to explain the person, but it was a man and a woman and the person was black and white. It was the bride of Christ and the sons of God, as if they were two people, but in reality they were one.

That person wore two covenant rings. The one was a covenant with Israel, and the other a covenant with South Africa.

On both rings were written, I AM, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

This person was dressed in white and had a veil around her, but it was also a man in warrior clothes.

This person (= the chosen people of God, His Family) stood before the Lord, and BOWED DOWN before Him. He, then, put the crown that He took off Mandela’s head, on this person’s/people’s head.

Then this person climbed on the horse and had a golden Sword in the hand, he/she drew the Sword as if declaring war! That was the end of the vision.”

It is also important, Mister President, to note why South Africa’s position towards Israel is so important.

While Judge Moegeng is persecuted from all sides for his stance towards Israel, and while the South African’s government perspective about the Middle East, and even about RDM’s involvement in the Middle East, is totally haywire, take note of what God has revealed about all of this.


Mister President, you are at a crosspath where you, again, have to choose who will be your Lord and God! Who are you going to obey? And in whose service are you really?

This is the choices before you, Mister President.

And whatever you choose, will determine if the King of kings can use you to realize His will and plan, or if He needs to pick someone else.

Because, Sir, God’s Will and Plan will realize for South Africa and the rest of Africa, come what may!

To tell you the truth, it is already happening all across South Africa, where “Cities built after the mind of Christ, and new industries are coming forth”, and where new “Cities of Light after the mind of Christ” are being planned and build in the next year or so.

We are praying for you, Mister President, and that our God and King will bless you abundantly with supernatural wisdom and understanding, but also for the courage to make the right choices for this season.

God’s mediators and messengers for this prophetic word:

Dr Christo Nel – Cell 082 7702397  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Francois Steyn – Cell 079 5194622  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.