For: Leaders in the Body of Christ

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Prepare International

– Training material for leaders.

The following e-books are available.

I have adapted the following material that is used all over Europe and Asia by Training ministries by PREPARE INTERNATIONAL to train a new generation of leaders for the Body of Christ.

An Introduction to Missions

How to study the Bible

Living by Faith

Making Disciples and Fathering

New Testament Themes

Power Ministry

Preaching and Teaching

Principles of Leadership

Spiritual Warfare

Church Growth

God and His Kingdom

Committed to God's World

Divine Communication

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

The Personal Life of a Leader

The Power of a Transformed Mind

The Reality of a Life in Ministry

A Wineskins Course


The Forces that Shaped us

e-books by Dr Christo Nel

Prayer is so much more – 14 Chapters that are meant to break down the typical way we think and look at prayer. (44 pages)

Bless them, o Lord – 12 Chapters about how God wants to bless His people. (30 pages)

A new covenant – The following eleven chapters has been written as part of my conversation via internet with thousands of South Africans across the world over a period of eleven weeks. (27 pages)

Discipling people – The challenge was to disciple new believers effectively without having them buying expensive material or needing a lot of material, but still do it in such a way that the new followers of Christ can begin discipling other new believers effectively. The following five-part series can be duplicated to use to disciple new believers. (28 pages)

Everyday miracles – Six short stories from our own lives where we saw the hand of God doing miraculous things. (27 pages)

God and my finances – A series of articles where I used material from CROWN FINANCIAL MINISTRIES. (74 pages)

Let’s get your facts straight! – Are you looking for material to use in your conversations with non-believers? Or are you looking for videos or even movies that you can use in these conversations? Dr Christo Nel wrote a manual of 62 pages to help and equip followers of Christ for these conversations. This is an e-book every believer and Christian leader should download!