The Ekklesia

A friend recently observed that when you focus on the Kingdom you will get the Biblical Ekklesia but when you focus on the Church as we know it, you don’t always get the Kingdom. 

Listening to what the Spirit is telling His people, and looking at what is happening all over the world in the more than 652 “God Movements”, we hear and see a Kingdom-orientated model of ministry that has resulted in the expansion of the Ekklesia around the globe through ordinary people who have chosen to obey God.

As Kingdom people we emulate Jesus, doing what we see the Father doing (John 5:19) and part of what the Father is doing today is the multiplication of disciple-making movements.

This is also a call to action for all of us.

For that reason, my wife and I, joined this team of disciple-making disciples, doing only what Jesus taught His disciples to do.

On our journey with the Lord, my wife and I discovered that while doing church the way we were taught, what we were actually doing was building a business!

After a time of refocussing, we recommit to be Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven that is really coming and is at hand. We rephrase it as “God is close by, and He is closer than you think!” He’s actually right here!

According to the words of Jesus in Luke 10, that meant we are to His Ambassadors where we are living and working, while blessing and interceding for the people and community around us, looking for a “person of peace”, longing for the peace of God and already prepared by the Spirit of God.

That person will be the door and key to his or her “tribe”.

While we spend time with him or her, and their tribe, “m-eating” with them, we listen sensitively to the voice of the Spirit showing us where the needs of this tribe are that He wants us “to heal” with His supernatural power and gifts. And then, when the sick is healed, and people are saying: “Do you see what God just did!”, we will say, “This is the kingdom of heaven and it has come to you!”

One of the most remarkable keys we discovered God is using to unlock “tribes” is using Discovery Bible Study groups as a tool while challenging people to #tryhearing God speaking to them about Himself, about man and humanity, and about life in general through what they read in the Bible.

For further information: 

Visit for a more complete list of available resources on Kingdom Movements, links to the websites of Disciple-Making Movement ministries, and other relevant material.

While praying “Lord, let Your Kingdom come”, we experienced God rebooting our total way of thinking about ministry and what we are doing every day. This also meant radical obedience to our primary task “making disciples”. And while doing that, seeing the transformation of “tribes” and communities of people happening around us and experiencing how the Kingdom’s shalom bring a radical difference to the chaos.