Doing Business

King and/or Priest? Working and/or ministering? Can I do both?


I don’t know what this thing about money really is about!

There is so much rubbish taught in Christian circles about money, making money and being wealthy. 

While the Scripture is very clear. Although money is part of and belong to “the Caesar” and his earthly system (Matthew 22:19-21), money and having money and even lots of it, aren’t a problem or an issue for God, even in the lives of His people.

What God is warning us about is “the love of money”. Go, and read it for yourself in 1Timothy 6:10.

With that said, let’s get back to this issue of being a king or a priest, and if we need to be the one or the other.

Although we already challenge this way of thinking in the previous chapter, let’s state the important Biblical truths in this regard again.

  • The priestly order of Levi is obsolete (Heb. 8:13) It has been displaced with a new order, the order of Melchizedek.
  • The new creature, Christian, reborn follower of Christ Jesus, is called into this new order, under the New Covenant, which is a priestly and kingly order. We are kings and priests.
  • So, saints saying that they are priests like the Tribe of Levi’s were and that tribe was not allowed to own land, hence they cannot own land as priests, are not understanding their position in the New Covenant. Although it was true in the first/old covenant, it is not so in the New Covenant. The Levitical Priesthood has been displaced by a far greater priesthood.

So, you who are saying that you are not a king; you are wrong!

What you can say is that you were not a king. You were once not a king, BUT Jesus made you one in the order of Melchizedek! It was His choice to make you a king whether you like it or not. King you are and king you will be. Just start believing it and start acting like one!

 This clergy-laity divide is a sin and totally unscriptural.

So, people saying, laity work in the marketplace and clergy pray and preach, are totally messed up!

This is not what God is really telling us in His Word.

We all have a dual role as priest and king because the life of Christ is in us, and because Christ made us so.

We may lend more to the priestly or kingly expression of our Christ-life in different seasons, but both identities and authorities are present within us and should be expressed if we shall reign on the earth and be priests of Christ well.